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5 ways to enhance your business by using technology

You might have been searching for what kind of technology can you use to make your business powerful or stand out among your competitors, and since it is a known fact that we live in a digital age, and everyone is taking advantage of technology to improve lives and businesses. Knowing fully well that if […]
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Cannabis Investors

5 Solid Ways to Run Your Business to Attract an Investor

Are you a company owner seeking for an investor for your startup or small business? If you’re wondering how to convince investors to invest in your business, try a new approach and read these 5 useful recommendations from LevelUp that will help you attract an investor or a venture capitalist, and make your firm a […]
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5 Key Mistakes Investors Can Make in a Volatile Market

Investing in a volatile market can be quite challenging as the market comes with various challenges and opportunities. Market volatility is when a market experiences periods of unpredictable, and sometimes sharp, price movements. What is market volatility? Market volatility is the frequency and magnitude of price movements, up or down. The bigger and more frequent […]
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5 Easy leads to automate your accounting tasks

Accounting is a daunting task that every business owner dreads but it is an essential part of running a firm. Automated accounting is the way to go in the digital age. The shift from manual to automated processes has been gradual in today’s environment. From the way we run our homes to the way we […]
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Bp Petrol Station

4 ways your business can survive the fuel scarcity in Nigeria

Why is the fuel scarce? Well, according to Wikipedia, Fuel scarcity/shortage is caused when its supply falls short of a specified level of demand. If supply cannot meet demand at the prevailing price, prices must rise to encourage more supply and to ration demand. In this sense, fuel scarcity is reflected in the market price. The […]
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Business Plan

5 Ways To Start A Successful New Business

There are ways to effectively manage a new Business  (even while you are running a 9-to-5) The road to financial freedom is one that is never easy. But, with the right idea, and enough capital, one is able to start a small business to help finally achieve financial freedom. Starting the business comes with its […]
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How Flutterwave Closed USD 250m in Series D Funding

There is a goldmine in Africa’s Fintech sector, and investors are making sure to find it, Just like Flutterwave! Despite Nigeria’s stagnant economy, widespread unemployment, and skyrocketing inflation, investors are placing their bets on growth. Flutterwave,the highest-valued African start-up, secured a remarkable $250 million in its series D investment round, bringing its total worth to […]
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Happy International Women’s Day 2022

All around the world today, International Women’s Day presents us with not only an opportunity to celebrate the political, social, economic, and cultural achievements of women and girls around the world, but also a great opportunity to imagine and work towards the theme of this year’s women’s day celebration, “Gender Equality Today For a Sustainable […]
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