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There are ways to effectively manage a new Business  (even while you are running a 9-to-5)

The road to financial freedom is one that is never easy. But, with the right idea, and enough capital, one is able to start a small business to help finally achieve financial freedom.

Starting the business comes with its own challenges. Sometimes, these challenges are more than enough to weigh us down, and almost discourage us from starting that small business. Some of these challenges are peculiar to where we live, where we work, and even the kind of business we run. Running the business can be a lot to do, and if not properly done, it can lead to the business shutting down.

Nobody ever wants this to happen.

This is why in this article; we will teach you five ways to effectively manage your small business, and get maximum results so you can finally achieve financial freedom.


Here is how:

  • Manage your time well: Our time is very precious to us, and as much as we would have wanted it to be, we are stuck with just 24 hours in a day. So, this means that combining your 9-to-5, with a small business can tend to be a herculean task. One thing to do to effectively manage your time is to keep track of your daily activities. This will help to identify the activities that make you more productive, and also the ones that are time wasters. Take proper record of your activities, create a to-do list, and cut off every activity that tends to waste your time so you can effectively manage your time and make your business blossom.
  • Get a mentor: With proper leadership, you can never go wrong. In your line of business you will most likely not be the first to start it, and this is good news for you. This means that you have a bank of experience and knowledge ahead of you. With enough research, you can identify businesses that are similar to yours; get closer to those that run it, and seek as much advice as you can from them.
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks: With your 9-to-5 job in the way of running your small business, there might not be enough time to do everything that pertains to your business or even learn how to. This means that, to get the best results, you cannot do everything on your own. There are many aspects to running a business, and with your tight schedule, it will be very prudent to not try to do everything by yourself. Delegating tasks is not only limited to running a business, but also in tasks that you carry out outside of your business. Delegating tasks effectively helps to open up your day to do more.
  • Don’t mix business and personal finances: One mistake commonly made by business owners is not being able to separate business finances from personal finances. With this comes a workload of trying to sort through tax issues, and not being able to explain losses. Personal finances should never be mixed with business finances, and to do this, you might need to get a savings account to properly keep track of your finances. As the saying goes “Let personal be personal, and let business be business”.
  • Keep track of your books: Book keeping is a very important part of running a business effectively. Keeping track helps you to stay on top of your business; the stance (strength and weakness) of your business, and what financial decisions are best to make.

At LevelUpNG, not only are we able to help you effectively keep track of your books, you will be able to run your business with ease of mind, with a better understanding of your finances. You will get accurate books delivered monthly, due to the help of very powerful software utilized by our expert team. Apart from book keeping, we also track your business finances, and help separate it from personal finances.

We will also help you to effectively manage your time, offer solid financial advice, and help take financial decisions off your mind.

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